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Discover the benefits Customer for Life has to offer

Discover the benefits Customer for Life has to offer

eSource Capital Cloud Solutions Provider

Continuos Support
for IT Administrators

  • Administrator Training and Certification
  • Security Diagnose
  • Webinars for Administrators
  • Security Site
  • Tips - Access to the Google Client Community
  • Access to multicontact  HelpDesk (Site, email & call center): Follow-up on Tickets opened with Google, dedicated Support team and prioritized answers.
eSource Capital Cloud Solutions Provider

Added value tools
for Company Executives


  • Tracking and deleting emails
  • Contact cleaning and auditing
  • Recall / Recover sent emails

Policy Implementation

  • Corporate signature personalization
  • Bulletin Board
  • Shared contacts
eSource Capital Cloud Solutions Provider

Knowledge Transfer
for End Users

  • Continuous Communication: Weekly tips / Monthly newsletter
  • End user certification - Site Power Users
  • Multiple Webinars each month (+200 hours yearly)
  • Online Support Site

What else does Customer for Life include?

A service specifically for G Suite domains that allows you to trace and delete emails, as well as auditing and disposal of specific contacts, in the domains authorized. For policy implementation, it includes a service for corporate signature management and a bulletin board for internal communications.

An online diagram application makes it easy to sketch and share professional flowchart diagrams. From brainstorming to project management, this tool supports all of your communication needs.

A solution for Project Control that allows you to work collaboratively. It also includes tools to manage tasks, checklists and templates for marketing events.

A complete solution for backup, restore and finding information for the most popular online services.

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