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Enjoy an exclusive service eSource Capital , and make the most out of your tools

Our specialized team of trained experts will provide you with all necessary information on the communication and collaboration system in the cloud.

Discover the benefits Customer for Life has to offer

Discover the benefits Customer for Life has to offer

eSource Capital Cloud Solutions Provider

Continuos Support
for IT Administrators

  • Administrator Training and Certification
  • Security Diagnose
  • Webinars for Administrators
  • Security Site
  • Tips - Access to the Google Client Community
  • Access to multicontact  HelpDesk (Site, email & call center): Follow-up on Tickets opened with Google, dedicated Support team and prioritized answers.
eSource Capital Cloud Solutions Provider

ToogleBox is a set of powerful tools that improve G Suite functionalities.

It includes Contact  Management services, email Damage Control features and tools to enhance internal and external communications.

eSource Capital Cloud Solutions Provider

Knowledge Transfer
for End Users

  • Continuous Communication: Weekly tips / Monthly newsletter
  • End user certification - Site Power Users
  • Multiple Webinars each month (+200 hours yearly)
  • Online Support Site

What else does Customer for Life include?

Sprout Plan implementation
Intuitive customer support software, rich in features that allow you to streamline all your customers' conversations in one place, automate your repetitive work and save time.

(Extended trial)

A solution for Project Control that allows you to work collaboratively. It also includes tools to manage tasks, checklists and templates for marketing events.

Unique access portal that allows access to G Suite to different groups of users, restricting the allowed IP addresses, on certain dates and at certain times, both on mobile devices and web access.

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