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opens its doors!

Google opens its doors to the most important organizations in the territory to share their secret recipe, which has allowed them to position as one of the most innovative companies in the world.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to share with expert “Googlers”, who will show you how your business strategy, and your every day, can benefit from the way Google operates.

Also, you’ll discover new tools and products that will help you improve your team’s effectiveness and collaboration.

Google Culture

(Focused on people/talents and metrics)

Google’s talent operations aren’t addressed by a regular Human Resources department. Their personnel decisions, from recruitment to performance reviews, are driven by science and data. Every day, they conduct ongoing experiments and expand their knowledge. Discover how Google keeps their employees happy, so they can keep on doing what they love,  para que puedan seguir haciendo lo que les gusta, and apply this knowledge to your own organization.

Google Culture
Google Inovation

Innovation at Google

(Google’s culture and best practices)

Wondering what makes Google so Innovative? In this interesting talk, Google’s experts will show the notions of innovation that help articulate how Google continues to change the world with advances like driverless cars, Google Glass, and internet balloons in the sky. It will also explore Google’s culture and its perspective in fostering an innovation culture in a company that continues to grow and expand.

Google on Google

(How Google works on Google)

A discussion focused on how Google manages its own IT, and the use of Google Apps for Work technologies and its Cloud platform. The discussion focuses on the major challenges the company faces and the strategies used by Google’s IT department to stay agile and provide leading IT tools to their own employees. Who better to show you the perfect use of Google Apps than Google itself?

Google on Google
Google campus

Campus Tour / Store visit

We invite you to experience the Google campus through a tour that covers specific routes on the main campus (Googleplex + Alza). The tour is designed for guests to witness and learn from a unique culture by visiting Google’s most attractive areas. You can learn about the methods of transport at Google, cafés, gym, common areas, and of course, a bit of the company’s history. Moreover you can take pictures of this exclusive visit!

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