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Use base infrastructure, data analysis and automatic learning system from Google Cloud Platform

Service supplied by Escala24x7

We design systems to help your organization take full advantage of Google Cloud Platform features. You can implement solutions from individual web servers to production environments with high availability and performance.

eSource Capital, through Escala24x7

allows you to use Google Cloud Platform as an infrastructure model for your applications in the cloud. Your application's architecture can be integrated with Google Cloud Platform and your process can be managed 100% in the cloud.

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Benefits of GCP

Infrastructure designed for the future

Safe, global, high performance, profitable and constantly evolving. GCP's cloud is designed to work in the long term.
More efficient
Data and Analysis

Enter the world of Big Data to find answers faster and create better products.

No server, just code

Go from prototype to production and from there on to a global scale without worrying about capacity, reliability or performance.

Why Escala24x7?

  • Experience in Administration and Management of Specialized Infrastructure Services

  • Best operational practices based on ITIL for an optimal service

  • Reduced implementation times

  • Increase Innovation: Agility at low cost, minimizing risks

Going to the cloud has its challenges,
Escala 24x7 helps you overcome them

We offer you a consulting and advisory service to help you make this decision

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