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Organizations which are very strict about security issues require that certain groups of users have access to G Suite only from controlled IP addresses, on established dates, restricted times, and from rigorously authenticated mobile devices.

Axe-SO, working under the G Suite SSO option, allows you to define this rules of access to complement the security levels of G Suite.

  • Verification for your safety

    Axe-SO replaces G Suite’s login and authentication page for one with the company’s look & feel, where users enter their username and password. When the SSO option is activated in G Suite, the user credentials are verified with the company’s LDAP and not against G Suite's LDAP. This allows the same authentication system.

    Once the credentials are verified with the company’s LDAP, Axe-SO makes additional checks: the user can only access G Suite at the time and from the IP address that the company has defined for their domain through Axe-SO.

  • Features

    Cloud Computing Technology (GAE - Google Apps Engine)

    Access rules:

    - IP based policies
    - Day of the week and time policies
    - Policies based on the type of device 
    - Permissions for individual users
    - Permissions for groups of users
    - Combination of all the above

    Password synchronization with G Suite

    Password and user synchronization with Active Directory

    Three types of authentication: Login page with the company’s look and feelUser grouping

    - Complex encryption based on password cache (SHA512)
    - Based on Active Directory
    - Hybrid mode (combination of the above)

    Login page with the company’s look and feel

    User grouping

    IP grouping


    Login attempts registration

    - Each successful entry
    - Each unsuccessful entry

    Web management

  • Main features and benefits

    It allows to establish additional control and entry parameters to G Suite, solidifying and extending security levels.

    It takes advantage of the investments made by the company on directory handling (LDAPs), infrastructure and security protocols.

    Reduces the administrative burden for the IT staff.

    It keeps a record of the attempts of login into G Suite and the result (access granted or denied).

    Lets you assign different permissions and privileges for every user group.

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