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Don’t send important documents by email!

MAGNIFIsend is a tool for sending files with levels of control and security that email services does not offer. Send private or confidential documents, pictures, videos and files of any size with adequate protection.

  • Send and receive your files with security and control

    SSL connection and SHA-256 encrypted files

    Custom image authentication

    Password controlled downloads

    Password protected files

    Set expiration date

    Control the number of downloads

    Tracking the delivery for each recipient individually: IP address, date, time

  • Customize MAGNIFIsend for your company

    Use your business’s colors and images. Create different themes and change them with the passing of time. Establish boundaries between your inner circle, your outer circle and others.

  • Administration and Control

    MAGNIFIsend allows you to manage the users (internal or external) with whom you’ll share the information. You can also receive files of any size in a controlled manner through your personal permalink.

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