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Meet Amazon Web Services Cloud Infrastructure

Service provided by Escala 24x7

We design systems to maximize the features of Amazon Web Services. Implementing solutions ranging from single Web servers to production environments of high availability and high performance.

eSource Capital, through its division Escala24x7

allows you to use Amazon Web Services as an infrastructure model for their cloud applications. Your application's architecture can be integrated with Amazon Web Services so you can manage your process 100% in the Cloud.


What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services is a full set of high availability services including: Computing, Storage, Databases and Application Management, designed to work together allowing to build sophisticated and scalable applications.

Benefits of AWS

Escala 24/7 logo eSource Capital Cloud Solutions Provider

Why Escala24x7?

  • Experience in administration and management on specialized infrastructure services

  • Best operational practices based on ITIL for optimal service

  • Reduced implementation time

  • Increase Innovation: Agility at low cost, minimizing risks

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Escala 24x7’s main benefits

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“Amazon's Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) is a unique option that provides an additional level of security and the ability to integrate with other aspects of our infrastructure.”

Dr. Michael Miller
HPC leader for I&D